3DInternet Solutions for Electric Utilities

Simulation Development

3DInternet is a world leader and award winner in the electrical computer based training simulation market. Creating realistic simulations of your equipment, procedures in immersive and interactive environments, combined with advanced assessment systems, create the most powerful and effective learning tool being used to date.

Continuous investment in research and development produces simulation-based products and solutions that are recognized as the benchmark in the industry. This helps to ensure our customer’s employees are job ready. This unwavering commitment to technology leadership and innovation while incorporating frequent customer feedback, ensures the highest quality, accuracy, and ease of use in each of our custom built simulators so that our clients have the most effective training program for their employees.

How Simulations Can Help You

Health and Safety
Employees can learn about your infrastructure, systems and procedures in a safe environment.

Improved Performance
More practice on your specific equipment translates to higher skill levels and improved employee performance.

Practical Hands-on Approach
Highly realistic simulations allow learners to use tools like voltmeters, gas detectors, stray voltage testers, rotation meters and phase sticks to name a few, to solve realistic problems that could occur on your equipment in the field.

Learning from Mistakes
Simulators allows learners to make mistakes and understand the consequences without causing real injury or harm to the person or the equipment. This translates into “Saving Lives and Saving Equipment”.

Cost Effectiveness
Since our technology can be used over the web, inside the organization, and on mobile devices it is very easy to deploy to large numbers of employees. Our clients use our simulators in lunch rooms and during inclement weather conditions for continued or updated training.

Compared to other types of training, not only is the cost per person of the programs very reasonable, you can eliminate travel costs, and potentially reduce time off the job.

Knowledge of Equipment
Training on a simulation of your system will give employees comprehensive knowledge of how your equipment operates.

Retaining Aging Work Force Experience
The work force is aging and will be retiring. Simulations are the best way to capture knowledge to use to train the remaining and incoming work force.

Emergency Preparedness
The Utility, Fire, HazMat, Police, and EMS departments can work together to simulate an accident and see how each agency handles the mishap. With our physics engine capabilities we can provide accurate plume modeling for different airborne chemicals as well as explosions. All procedural data is tracked in a database for review. Most emergencies would cost too much to simulate in real life and the simulator can be used over and over again to perfect procedures.

Control Center
Simulators are not only great to simulate the applications and jobs at a control center but also to prequalify employees for the job. Since our technology is so immersive we add many stresses into our simulators to reflect the real world situations.

Engineering and Procurement
Simulate your real equipment and environment so that the design and environmental engineers can see if they have done all the engineering correctly. The simulator can be used to track each item when building an infrastructure for real-time procurement. The simulator also becomes a 3D representation of the infrastructure in order to tag assets with purchase orders, service and maintenance records as well as maintenance reminders. If the client has many different databases to retrieve information we can incorporate them all into one area for quick access to all information within the 3D simulator.

3D Video Presentations

We employ world class artists and use the latest in animation and 3D graphics technology to create one-of-a-kind presentations. The presentations are used at the board room level for approvals for capital cost projects, then used for stakeholder and Energy board approvals for the overall project. Using this technology has saved our clients months,even years in the approval process, as well as millions of dollars in costs.

Training Courses

3DInternet produces 3D digital videos in our training courses showing job procedures like switching in a substation, how to apply proper effective cover–up, or safe ways of using correct equipotential grounding procedures. Our animations are lifelike, are very easy to update and cost effective if the procedure or the equipment changes in the future. Animating a process or procedure clarifies for the trainee what words cannot explain.

Previsualizing of New Projects

When a visualization of a large plant, substation, or transmission right of way is required, we use engineering drawings and GIS data to make sure what we are presenting is accurate. 3DInternet creates a lifelike replica of the proposed project by incorporating people, traffic flows, landscaping, and environmental lighting. Using this 3D model we can show line of sight from any location around the proposed project. These visualizations have proven to rapidly speed up both community and regulatory approvals. Buildings and equipment, colors and layout, landscaping, plume modeling, day and night scenes, are just some of what you can see and approve before having to make changes after the fact.

Previsualization of Existing Projects

By providing us with photos, we can create and insert your planned infrastructure projects into the images.

3DInternet can produce a 3D model of your current project and make additions or deletions to it. Examples of what could be added or deleted would be equipment, structures, incoming and outgoing power lines and landscaping. We can provide you with images that can be used for brochures and stakeholder meetings or we can provide a full video for larger projects.

Right of Way Approvals

Our right of way technologies have been used at open houses and energy board hearings. We can visualize locations and add any type of transmission towers or power poles to that location. We can map the entire right of way and even have the existing transmission line next to the proposed line for easier viewing and smoother approval processes.