About 3DInternet

3DInternet provides products and services to Major Electrical and Gas Utilities across North America, Oil & Gas companies around the world, Fortune 500 Corporations & Manufacturers, Unions, Military and Governmental bodies.

Our services include World-class Interactive Training Simulation, cinema grade eLearning development, LMS Hosting, App development and visualization videos for employee accident recreations & infrastructure projects.

Training includes Health & Safety, Apprentice Training, Electric Circuit & Motor Control, New Hire Orientations, Environmental Awareness, Emergency Response and Preparedness, Control Room Operator Training and Transmission, Distribution & Generation Training.

Simulator Development

Simulators provide a trainee with a fun and interactive way to train while also achieving the highest retention rate for learning. All our simulations can communicate with SAP,
Oracle and SQL databases. Deployment can be as a standalone, server based, web server (intranet or internet) or on a learning management system (LMS). Our simulators are compatible with SCORM or AICC standards and run on all current Microsoft Windows operating systems. If required, our simulators can also be designed to run on Apple and Android operating systems. Our simulators have been used when training is dangerous, hard to teach, hard to practice because of a complex procedure and for knowledge capture from the aging work force.

3DInternet has used its training technologies in many ways to help save lives and to lessen the loss of critical infrastructure.


  • Transformer Bank Training
  • AC/DC Circuit Designer
  • Motor Control
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Smart Meter Installation
  • Augmented Reality Gas Leak Survey
  • Augmented Reality Conveyor Room
  • Nuclear Plant Switching
  • Control Room Operator Training
  • First Responder Immersive Training