App Development

3DInternet can create and customize any type of application used on a smart mobile device. We have created applications to help manage and facilitate communications between companies and their workers, schools and their students; using Apple, Android or Windows devices.

Tru Tracker

Our web-based system software TRU Tracker was created to automate your apprenticeship/school program.

All users of the system will have access to track and manage information in real time.

The system was created using the most agile and proven technologies in use today. It can be customized based on your Trade or Institution’s requirements.


  • Administrators can easily communicate with users in the system and answer questions
  • Applicants will be notified and directed to parts of the application completed incorrectly
  • Easily register and track interviews, orientations,training classes and events
  • Track bookwork, test scores, advancement hours and hot hours for each step of the apprenticeship
  • Apprentices can fill out on-the-job training hours and their supervisors can approve and fill out evaluation forms via the mobile app
  • Easily track and implement Subcommittee evaluations and hearing corrective actions
  • Track leaves of absences and suspensions for apprentices
  • Notify apprentices of expired certifications
  • Track the contractor work assignments and pay scales
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Local Hub

The Local HUB – Union Local Management App allows a union member to use their mobile device to make their day to day communications and work flow easier.

The member can pay their union dues using a secure credit card payment system, review and register for training and certification courses, review contractor and agreement information, receive membership news from the local office, update a registry for a member that is looking for employment and send information to a designated union member with a specific job duty.

The member can also click on useful links for quick access to information and websites that are used daily.


  • Efficient correspondence between members and their local office through membership news and messages
  • Providing Communication between Organizers/Representatives, Shop Stewards and Members
  • Access to all available contacts of local office directly from the App
  • Quick notification system for News, Messaging, Member Communications, Dues/Payments, and Certificates
  • Manage member profiles and easily customize user privileges
  • Add and modify events, courses and certificates
  • Pay for Union dues using secure payment system
  • Register for events, courses and certificates
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